Welcome to the digital competence assessment survey for language teaching during the pandemic!

Our goal is to identify:

- language teachers' digital competences needed in order to teach online and/or in a blended format

- language teachers' training needs

- the available ICT tools (infrastructure) used in teacher’s institutions

- the methodologies teachers use or would like to use for language teaching online or in classrooms.

We will use the results to produce guidelines and tools to help teachers efficiently use available technologies in their blended and online language teaching.

In 2019 we launched our original Digital Competence Assessment survey for language teachers, administration staff, policymakers, and other stakeholders. The results of this Survey are now published in the report Digital Competences in Language Education: Teachers' Perspectives, Employers' Expectations, and Policy Reflections.

We are launching the Survey for the second time in an almost unamended form in order to analyze how the situation has changed due to the pandemic challenges.