Digital Competence Assessment Survey for Language Teachers

Statement of Consent

Thank you for your interest in participating in the EU-cofounded project Digital Competencies for Language Learning (DC4LT). Through participating in this survey, you provide valuable information for the project’s aim to categorize and assess the needs for training and accreditation of digital competence all over Europe. The completion of this survey will take approximately 15 minutes.

This survey is a part of the DC4LT project, a EU cofunded Erasmus+ project consisting of five cooperating partners. Responsible for the survey is Department of Education and Lifelong Learning, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Norway).


DC4LT aims at improving digital literacy and empowering language teachers of all levels to use ICT instruments in their practice. To achieve this goal, the project will explore how teachers are prepared for the integration of information technologies in their pedagogical work, what skills they need in order to better support their online courses, and in what ways they can help their students in the language learning process. Based on the collected primary data, the consortium will develop a self-sustained Open Internet Community of Practice for language teachers / online tutors. Large numbers of language teachers will be invited to participate in the DC4LT training workshops and provided with an opportunity to collaborate with peers in an interactive educational setting of the DC4LT training workshops, thus multiplying the knowledge further.

What do you consent to by participating in this survey?

Participating is voluntary, and you provide your consent by completing the survey. Your answers will be registered electronically. This means that the IP-address from the computer/device you are using to complete the survey might be registered. The IP will not be used in any way, neither to create connections between answers and other personal information, nor as data in the project. The address will be deleted at latest upon completion of the project (October 2022).
All answers will be treated confidentially within the consortium and remain anonymous.
All published results will be anonymous.

We will only use the data as described in this statement. All the data management processes will be in line with the new EU General Protection Data Regulation (GDPR). For more information about it click here. The project is submitted to NSD – Norsk senter for forskningsdata AS. If you have any questions or you would like to ask more information, please contact professor Ekaterina Prasolova-Førland (

By answering this survey and pressing the “Next” button to proceed further, you provide us with the permission to use your responses for the purposes of this research work as described above. Once you submit the survey, it will be impossible to retract your answer. Please do not include any personal identifiable information in your responses. As long as you can be identified in the collected data, you have the right to access the personal data that is being processed about you; request that your personal data is deleted; request that incorrect personal data about you is corrected/rectified; receive a copy of your personal data (data portability), and send a complaint to the Data Protection Officer or The Norwegian Data Protection Authority regarding the processing of your personal data.

Thank you for your participation and your time!